• Meet Scott

    From a young age I believed that the government that governs the least governs the best. In 2007, beginning with bailouts of banks and out-of-control spending, the inevitable consequences of such actions became clear to me.

  • 2 Questions

    If elected, the filter for determining my vote will be based on the answers to two questions: 1) Will this legislation shrink or grow the size of government? 2) Does this legislation increase or decrease our liberty?

  • Core Beliefs

    I support the second amendment and relish every opportunity to exercises that right. All citizens must fight to ensure that their right to bear arms and protect themselves is paramount, both federally and in Ohio.

  • ObamaCare and Liberty

    Clearly Obamacare grows the size of government and shrinks our liberty. Lessening the impact this law has on our liberty is the responsibility of all citizens, as we work together to dismantle and overturn this job and liberty killing law.

  • Endorsements

    “Scott is part of a new group of Citizen Representatives who do not seek a career as a government employee but instead want to represent the values and interest of the people.”

Are you against “Obamacare?”

So is Scott Allegrini! He believes in the Constitution, individual rights and small businesses. “Obamacare” does not fix our problems and has created unnecessary expense and red tape. Scott will work to preserve your rights!

Are you against expanding Medicaid?

Like you, Scott knows that consequences we will face with Ohio’s Medicaid plan expansion. Scott was disappointed when State Representative Barbara Sears spearheaded legislation to expand Medicaid, despite the strong opposition from citizens. Scott, on the other hand, is committed to reversing over-reaching legislation and other “nanny-state” initiatives.

Are you against big government spending?

As hard working Americans, we know how to budget and live within our means, something our government feels they are above. Scott will work to make sure your dollars are spent only where necessary. He’ll work to keep government spending low and for you to keep more of your hard-earned money.

We told Representative Barbara Sears NO

No on expanding Medicaid.
NO on “ObamaCare”
NO on spending
It’s time to tell her NO with your vote.

Support Scott Allegrini

Vote for Scott Allegrini for Ohio State Representative for District 47 to fight the implementation of ObamaCare in Ohio, to stop the expansion of Medicaid and to guard against big government spending.

VOTE to protect your hard earned money.

Mark your calendars: 2014 Primaries are Tuesday, May 6